Basketball has grown to become one of the most competitive games because it’s practiced by professional players and inexperienced players and has a broad fan base. The intensity of the sport and its countless variations makes it require specialized equipment and skills. Though it’s frequently played outside indoor gymnasium facilities, some games take place in appropriate basketball courts. In these courts, the type of surface beneath the players’ feet matters a lot. 

A proper basketball floor should give its users better athletic performances and enable them to practice skills such as free throws, shooting, passing, dribbling, layups, pivoting, and jump shots. It should also enable players to practice regularly on it as they improve their footwork and tactics. You need to consider several things in your flooring choices, including your budget, competition level, location, and other games and events that may take place in the same venue. 

Based on these factors, you can consider some types of basketball court surfaces, and all of them meet the required sport’s standards. These floors include:

  1. Hardwood Floors

Though some basketball courts are made of concrete, most of them are made of wood. Wood is most people’s favorite choice because the NBA prefers it. NBA games are usually played on maple hardwood. Hardwood is regarded as one of the most refined playing surfaces because of its timeless and classic natural look. 

Maple is the preferred wood species for making these courts because it has a tight grain that makes it strong and extra dense. This makes it durable. When choosing basketball floors, it’s also essential to meet MFMA requirements. Most hardwoods meet these requirements and give you the freedom of painting and staining them as you desire. When they start wearing out, you can use deep sand and refinish them to renew their look.

  1. Poured Polyurethane And Rubber Pad Surface

The advantage of this floor is that it’s seamless. Because it’s a poured surface, it also has other benefits like being non-porous and easy maintenance. This floor also has high hygienic properties and a tough and durable surface that can withstand several games on its court. If it wears out, you can resurface it.

  1. Resilient PVC Floors

Resilient PVC is a material that most people respect due to its usefulness and composition. Among all the floors, this is the most versatile because it can handle other activities and not just basketball events. PVC floors come in various thicknesses and color variations. This can allow you to select one that suits your specific tastes and preferences. 

The beauty of high-quality PVC floors is that they also have environmental health and safety benefits. Before they’re supplied to consumers, they have to be certified as allergy and asthma-friendly, phthalate-free and containing low levels of volatile organic compounds. These floors can help to improve your indoor environment, air quality and give you an easy time while cleaning

Final Thought

The popularity of basketball makes it essential to install suitable gym flooring. Not only are basketball gymnasiums used for basketball games, but they can also support other activities and events. Therefore, it’s crucial to install a floor that can handle many sports, events, and activities.