In recent years trackman is gaining popularity. The launch monitor has become essential to every golfer around the world. Only a few similar launch monitors can compete with the trackman as they are well worse when it comes to on-point accuracy, depth analysis of ball or club data, and many more. The recent upgrade of the version trackman-4 has been a hit overall. Check out the latest review about gcquad on this page.

Similarly, the well-known brand foresight sports has been a trustworthy brand all these years in the golf industry. The launch monitors are known for their massive software upgrades and high-end technology. The brand might compete with several other professional golf launch monitors.  Foresight Sports’ GCQuad premium launch monitor is one of the most highly rated launch monitors in the current market.

Among either launch monitor, which performs the best? A question may arise. Is it the trackman or the foresight’s GCQuad? Both the launch monitors have their strengths and key performances. You can look through the article to learn more about their features and choose which works bestfor you.


Trackman-4 measures the ball flights and measures it using the Doppler radar technology. The launch monitor can accurately measure the club speed, carry distance, club data, host of balls, launch angle, and many more. It can display data with high accuracy. It can give you detailed data on all of the shots.

When it comes to GCQuad, uses quadroscopic camera technology designed by the foresight sport. The imaging technology gathers a great ball capture range and produces a high-resolution picture, culminating in accurate data. However, in terms of accuracy, both launch monitors are equal. They generate astonishingly equivalent outcomes in data collection and tracking capabilities.


The launch monitors GCQuad and TrackMan 4 can provide data points in a wide range. TrackMan 4, on the other hand, generates more precise and complete ball flight data since the launch monitor records the whole ball flight. As a result, it is increasingly famous among golfers.

Spacing criteria

The Trackman 4 tends to take up more space than its other versions. On the other side uses up a lot less room. So, if you’re searching for a launch monitor to design your interior golf set, GCQuad is indeed a better option when compared to the trackman.


The GCQuad includes a built-in display that displays exact data and readings instantly. To view your data on TrackMan 4, you must link it to your tablet or smartphone.


Foresight sports uses its FSX Pro software in its latest GCQuad. It has an excellent performance with data set filtering, 3D visual imaging, and gap test.

Trackman 4 features its software trackman GO, and golfers love it. The software provides complete access to full-swing,data points, and putting data. It also features a beautiful AI game trainer, which uses a massive database of several shots to help you get better in the game.

Both the launch monitors GCQuad and trackman-4 are good choices with exceptional performance.