Gone are the days when cricket bats were probably just a piece of wood given a specific shape to hold it in your hands and strike the ball thrown at you from a distance. Modern-day cricket bats for sale are a class apart catering to versatile needs of various sportsmen. They come in different weights, varying designs, different length & width and so on. Cricket bat manufacturing is a complex craft in itself today. Quality of wood used, distribution of the amount of wood across the length and breadth of the bat, varying length of the handles, type of grips etc make it expensive and efficient equipment. A right combination of all these attributes makes it the perfect equipment to give the ball a real tonk and send it sailing outside the stadium. One can see sixes flying off the edge of the bat these days in Twenty 20 format of cricket or a gentle timed push making the ball speed away to the boundary. 

Safe and comfortable cricket gear

Cricket gear for sale is not limited to a bat and ball these days. The extent of evolution, the game has gone through over the years and the amount of research that has gone into the manufacturing of cricket gear makes it a handful of equipment to carry and use. A normal cricket kit includes gear such as the cricket bat and ball, of course, stumps, batting gloves, leg pads, abdominal guard, helmet, wicket keeping gloves, different types of guards (Thigh, Chest, Arm, Elbow) and jockstrap. Needless to mention about the subtle touch applied in making it look good. Protection and safety aspect also plays a vital role in the importance of cricket gear that is used nowadays. Quality gear is so important these days in sports that it has a definite role in influencing the performance of the sportsperson. Better the gear, the more confident and comfortable you feel like a professional when you step onto the field.