How To Be a Better Skier - 10 Tips – Carv

Skiing is an adventurous way of moving and gliding on the snow, by the use of skis. It is used for various purposes such as basic transportation, as a recreational activity, and even as a competitive winter sport. But skiing is not so easy, and always has room for improvement.

Greg Boland is a passionate skier, with a deep interest in traveling the world in search of a little perspective and a lot of adventure on the slopes. Greg Boland has been directly involved in a number of successful campaigns and is known as an expert in finding value in severely distressed companies. Here are some of the best ways to improve your skiing abilities.

Get the Right Boots for Skiing:

It is natural to think that skis are one of the most important pieces in the skiing kit. But the truth is, everything depends on your boots. In reality, your skiing boots are the most important equipment if you want to improve your skiing. Thus it is extremely important to make sure that you get the right boots, which are not only well fitted but are also comfortable for long wear.

So if you re intending to spend some money in order to improve your overall skiing, it is advisable to splash out for your skiing boots.

Proper Layering:

A person can ski perfectly only after mastering the art of layering. It can help you to feel your best while you are out on the hill skiing. Feeling too hot or too cold can make you feel very frustrated making everything much more difficult than they actually are.

Keep Your Skis Waxed:

For people who have their own pieces of equipment, it is important to make sure that they manage and take care of the equipment properly. If not maintained correctly, it can lead to an overall bad experience. If you have your own skis, keep them freshly waxed. A lack of proper waxing can make the skis dull and slow.

Keep Your Body and Shoulders Straight While Skiing:

Once you have learned the basics of skiing, you can push yourself a bit further. One of the best and easiest ways to improve your skiing is by ensuring that you keep your body and shoulders straight. In contrast, if you keep ending each of your turns with your shoulders facing the side, you will be wasting a lot of your energy.

You can also take the poles and hold them in both hands across at the height of your chest. Now try to keep the poles facing downwards while leveling it as you make turns. 

Look Ahead While Skiing:

One of the biggest mistakes people make while skiing is to look downwards. However, this is absolutely wrong. Instead, you should be looking ahead and forward to have a better balance. It is also commonly seen that the skiers tend to focus more on the turns rather than the path ahead. This can be disastrous because it can lead to a situation where the skier is completely unprepared for anything coming ahead such as a lump of snow.

Try to face horizontally instead of downwards which can keep you balanced as well as help your body stay in a neutral position which in turn can help you make quick decisions for any change in posture or direction.