Football is one of the oldest sports and most of the people enjoy playing this game. Football is also the most recognized sports, in the part of the world the sport is considered as Soccer. In order to play football, every player needs to understand the exact rules and soccer agent about the game. These are highly important to enhance the winning possibilities; football aims to obtain more goals within the given period. This sport is also having a playing time frame.  Of course, this match is also split up into two levels, each level includes time frame. The sports agent will take fifteen minutes to rest after each level of playing. The rest period is also considered as half time. Even it can be added on by the referee.


In football, each team consists of even players, out of eleven one is considered as the goalkeeper and the rest often considered as the outfield scouts. Usually, football pitch dimensions and measurements are also vary based on some factors but each half-pitch can be a mirror image of the other side in terms of dimensions. The main requirements to start the sports are pitch and football even the players also wearing boxing glows, matching strips and shin pads. The goalkeepers only wear padded gloves to handle the ball in the proper manner every football team has designated captain.


To score points the football manager must go into your opponent’s goal even the ball also needs to be over the line for it to the respective legitimate goal. Of course, the goal can be scored with any part of the body except football coach arms up to shoulders and the goal itself consists of a frame the measurement is eight feet high as well as eight yards wide. Every football player needs to use their feet to kick the ball; of course, the players are also prohibited to use their hands to kick the ball. And it is not suitable for the goalkeepers. The goal keeper can use their body within the eighteen-yard box.