After the huge success of the IPL 2020 season even after being disturbed by the Covid hit in March and then being postponed to October. IPL 2020 managed to create enough momentum to keep up with the difficult situations, even after being boiled down to different rules because of the restrictions imposed. Now as we have entered 2021 with the vaccines being introduced and distributed, finally we can take a deep breath and lower our guards slightly. We are all hoping to see the IPL come back to India.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is yet to finalise the schedule and venue for the 14th season of the Indian Premier League and it has also been rumored that the new campaign might begin on the 11th April. As the ongoing series between India and England has just created some noise it is expected that the new live IPL season will begin after 2 weeks from the end of this series. The series is set to conclude on March 28th, almost a couple of weeks from the upcoming edition of IPL which is expected to begin. The IPL auction is to be held on the 18th February and after the results we saw during the Abu Dhabi T10 tournament there is a list of new and promising players that the IPL auction 2021 will be looking forward to signing some explosive talents.

The last IPL season that concluded not more than 6 months ago, we are all set to plunge into the new season this time with some new excitement. Since things are getting back to normal after the Covid-19 Pandemic getting slightly under control, every industry is picking up after from the bottom. So this might also bring in a lot of workload during the new financial year and even IPL will be played around the same time. You don’t actually have to worry about missing out on the latest IPL auction because we have the app cricbuzz in place which will be taking care of all your missed out matches because of work. You will be able to enjoy the IPL live right from your mobile phones, get the latest updates on IPL as to when it will begin, when are the matches of your favourite scheduled for and you can plan accordingly. Have yourself prepared for every important match and if you are not you can easily access the latest live line scores and live minute by minute updates. So as we patiently wait for the 14th Season of IPL to begin, let’s enjoy the ongoing series in the meantime and get ourselves prepared for the action that’ll follow.