The Honduras football team has been participating in several World Cup events throughout the decades, and for jersey collectors, Honduras jerseys remain to become a hidden gem worth collecting. The Honduras jerseys have various interesting features that make them worth adding to your current jersey collection wardrobe.

Here are some interesting features of Honduras jerseys that any jersey collector should know:

  1. White Primary Color with Blue Accents for the Regular Honduras Jersey Outfits

The first feature you need to know is that Honduras jerseys have the regular outfits sporting the white primary color with some blue accents around the shoulder, collar, and sleeve areas. This is the regular jersey outfit that the Honduras football team are wearing in most of their football matches, whether friendship or championship matches.

These white primary Honduras jersey designs are applied in both the short sleeve and long sleeve versions of their regular jerseys. There will also be some slight variations of the regular white Honduras jerseys depending on the football events they participate in.

  1. The Big H Logo on the Chest Area and the Joma Logo as the Partner

Honduras jerseys have the big H logo, which represents the name Honduras as well as the Honduras national football association, on the chest area of the outfit. There’s also the J logo at the other side of the chest area, signifying that the Honduras national football team has partnered with Joma Sport for their jersey production. Joma Sport is a Spain-based sports clothing brand that has partnered with the Honduras national team for years.

These two logos are what makes Honduras jerseys differ from the other national team jerseys. Also, these are the unique features of the Honduras jerseys that make it worth collecting.

  1. Alternative Dark Blue Color with Black Accent is Available

Another Honduras jersey design you can get is the one that has the dark blue primary color with black color accent. This alternative Honduras jersey will often get used depending on the position of the Honduras football team during the match, whether they are in Home or Away position. Nevertheless, the dark blue version of the Honduras jerseys can give you a unique and refreshing look for your jersey collection.

Please note that you can always browse the official store of the Honduras football team or browse the trusted online jerseys wholesale shop, such as, to buy these alternative Honduras jerseys and add them to your collection.

  1. Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Versions are Available

Honduras jerseys offer two jersey models that you can collect, no matter the design style it has. There are both the Honduras short sleeve and long sleeve jerseys that are available on the market right now. So, you can always grab the Honduras jersey model you would prefer to add to your collection.

For the best results, collecting both the short sleeve and long sleeve versions of Honduras jerseys can give your collection wardrobe an even better look, compared to when you just focus on collecting the regular short sleeve Honduras jerseys. Expanding your Honduras jersey collection by including the long sleeve version is a great way to show the best jersey collection you have.

  1. Special Jersey Designs for Special Events

Want more variations for your Honduras jersey collection? You can also purchase the special-designed Honduras jerseys used for special sporting events, whether regional, national, or global. The Honduras national football team has participated in various football events throughout the years, and they will wear different jerseys for different events.

You can also browse the online trusted jersey sellers that often offer brazil national team jersey products of the Honduras national team, all with their unique variations. This can help you with expanding your current Honduras jersey collection and making it better over time.


Adding Honduras jerseys into your current jersey collection can give your collection a boost in value. Also, Honduras jerseys have nice features in their design that make them look unique and appealing. Adding these Honduras jerseys will only add more appeal to your current jersey wardrobe.

You can always get the different versions of Honduras jerseys from various places, including the official stores, partner stores, online marketplaces, and so on. You can also get these amazing-looking Honduras jerseys from the trusted jersey wholesale sellers, such as, which will offer you the best deals and prices for your purchases.