Marcos Mathews is a talented footballer who is not only dreaming big but his fraternity knows that he is going to be a game-changer for the big clubs in the near future. Football is his life and he cannot live without football. This promising footballer hails from California, the USA but now he plays for Club Deportivo Leganés famous as CD Leganés. This is a famous Spanish football club from Leganés near Madrid.The passage from California to Leganés for this young footballer was never easy but his perseverance, love for the game, and extraordinary talent cleared all hindrances. 

Marcos Mathews has been playing football since early childhood. In California, he was playing for the local clubs in different tournaments and lower club level leagues. It was at the age of 15 years when he decided that he would become a professional football player. It was when he couldn’t think anything except football. He used to attend the school early morning before his friends to practice football and do some warmups. Then again, he would either play matches or practice with the school team. After school, he used to attend club practices and matches. At night, it was his hobby to see the matches of different European clubs and national teams to understand the game more intensively. So, from early childhood, his life was dedicated to soccer. 

Marcos Mathews has a target of becoming a fulltime football player. He is a lifelong fan of FC Barcelona. Every day, he is working hard to be a part of mainstream football in the near future. Apart from football, he has established a company M Squared. The purpose of this company is to train the coaches to be more efficient coaches and to be capable of developing impeccable game strategies for the teams. In the future, he wants to do many more activities through this company but now his complete focus is on football.