Football Premier League is more or less like a festival season for football game lovers. Hundreds of talented players are picked from the football team all around the world to play in the Premier games.

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Here are some of the names that have made a revolution in the football Premier League games in 2020.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is a player belonging to Merseyside club. He was first playing for the Liverpool team and he was transferred to Manchester City club in the year 2015. He takes pride in helping his team win many cups such as Emirates FA Cup and the Premier League Cup.

Kevin De Bruyne

With the title of the vice-captain of Manchester City Club, this versatile player is the best midfielder that the club has seen so far. Every time his presence in the team has made the team to be the unbeatable one in every season and league games.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

This versatile player belongs to the Liverpool team. He is considered as one of the best young players, which has emerged from some local football teams. He has helped the team to score many goals and takes pride to own 13 assists.

Virgil van Dijk

One of the best defences in the Liverpool team, Virgil is best known to cost more than 70 million pounds. This world record defender on field is best known to earn only one yellow card so far in his football career.

You can find many such players that have made the game the best in every league and tournament games.