Precisely what are billiard balls created from? So what can the figures mean within it? Why some colored an excellent color, yet some possess a stripe? Why some bigger than these? Just how can a cue ball know where you’ll have a gold gold gold coin operated pool? Amazing the quantity of questions you can develop regarding an easy billiard ball?


So let us begin with a brief history within the billiard ball. The billiard ball dates to the early 15th Century nevertheless it unknown exactly once the pool and billiard balls were really invented. You will find reports when mid to late 1400’s of King Louis XI owning the first pool. The Duke of Norfolk can also be pointed out to possess owned a pool coupled with first documentation of owning billiard balls.

The initial balls were created of wood. As time ongoing various materials came out to be used to become. Clay was popular, however a really searched for after material within the 1800s was ivory. Tigers came out to get slaughtered inside an alarming rate because of the popular for ivory. One tusk could yield 8. The billiard industry recognized even though the tigers were becoming endangered so that they created challenging for inventors to experience a new material by themselves account instead of ivory. John Wesley Hyatt invented a composition material in 1869 known as nitrocellulose.(US patent 50359) However, it absolutely was rather than the initial artificial substance invented. In 1867 Sorel cement was marketed as “artificial ivory”.

By 1870 Celluloid was branded the first industrial plastic. Regrettably the enter in the celluloid got volatile during production. From time to time it’s pointed out these balls would explode. Rumor has it one saloon owner in Colorado authored instructions to John Hyatt praoclaiming that he did not mind the periodic exploding one however the fact every patron introduced out their guns once they exploded.

Subsequently because the exploding ball came out to get slight problem, so the industry created various materials. Today they’re made mainly of phenolic resin. Apparent acrylic could also be used.


Pool balls can be found in several sizes.

American Style Pool-57.15mm (2 1/4″)

American Style Pool-(gold gold gold coin operated table) (2 3/8″)

British Style Pool-56mm (2 3/16″)

Snooker-52.5mm (2 1/15″)

Carom-61.5mm (2 7/16″)

Russian Pool /Kaisa-68mm (2 11/16″)

Child’s Pool-51mm (2″)


They are available in different colors. Some sets they’re numbered where most people are not. These were initially numbered so “points” games might be performed. Games for example 9-ball and eight-ball make use of the numbering system. The figures within it dates to the early 1900’s.