In your eyes football is all about scoring goals! You must also benefit from a good technical palette, be skillful in front of goal (have that moment of “killer” in front of the cages), be able to keep the ball in order to raise the team block and control the game without the ball to create spaces for your teammates. Be careful, although it is often the attackers who reap the laurels for a good performance, an ineffective attacker is exposed to criticism as much as another player. In some matches your team will be dominated and you won’t have a lot of scoring chances or even a lot of balls to exploit. In this kind of confrontation, you will have to play fair and be efficient on the few balls that you touch.

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The Midfielder, Your Garden? 

Do you have good technical skills; do you like having the game in front of you and distributing the ball to your teammates? You might be made to play midfielder.

  • A midfielder must have a good vision of the game, whether as a sentry, a central midfielder or a fullback, this is an essential quality. Then, you have to be able to put the offensive players in the best conditions, making the link between defense and attack. We all remember a match in which our midfielder was dominated and therefore our team was cut in half. In this kind of situation, we can see that without a strong environment, the implementation of our game becomes difficult.

A good midfielder also needs to be able to hold and spin the ball, which can be very useful for dominated teams in the game. Sometimes delaying and holding the ball for a few seconds can get you back on your feet and come to your senses. To finish, the physical aspect is also very important, winning the midfield battle requires full commitment.

Are you already playing the middle?

Don’t change anything, you’re made for that! If not, think about trying, you might not want to play in another position.You have great physical qualities. But in modern football, that’s not enough. You need to have a good head game, a good reading of the game and a good sense of placement and anticipation. Being able to raise clean is also important, but depending on the style of play of your team, this quality will be more or less essential (if in your club, the culture of long play is very present, this aspect will be less important).


Finally, you must not be afraid to go to the duel! You have to be able to impress intensity from the first minutes of the match and try to take over your tone or your direct opponents from the first contacts. Communication with your goalie and other members of the defense is also an important criterion for success. Do you recognize yourself in this description? The central defender position is for you!