Cricket has always had some of the largest and most passionate fan bases in the sporting world. India is one such country where cricket is so largely followed by fans that they go out of their way to support their national team. Now streaming companies are looking to ride on the digital wave of streaming a live cricket match to take advantage of India’s large cricket following.

T20 Cricket Changed the Game

Cricket’s popularity was on the decline 10 years ago with younger fans not willing to follow the longer formats of One Day and Test Matches Cricket matches. This all changed when the ICC proposed a shorter match with just 20 overs per team called T20. Since then the popularity of cricket has skyrocketed with this more thrilling and shorter format of cricket not only in India but around the world.

Cricket saw the influx of a whole new generation of fans preferring the more aggressive style in not only International T20 matches but also domestic T20 cricket. This led to the creation of one of the largest domestic cricket tournaments – Indian Premier League which almost rivals the popularity of the cricket World Cup. Now while many cricket fans still use their television to continue watching cricket, the majority of people have switched to live streaming the match through a cricket app or website.

Streaming Live Cricket Matches

There are plenty of different methods cricket supporters keep updated with their favourite teams and players on these apps and websites. Many simply check the live cricket score and real time updates of the T20, ODI and Test matches. However, there are some people who prefer the visual or audio commentary and ball by ball updates straight from the cricket ground. Only a few years ago it was impossible for fans to watch cricket on their mobile phones while travelling.

However, that has changed today with internet speeds improving around the country and smartphones becoming affordable to the masses. FanCode is the perfect app for the modern cricket fan. With live ball by ball updates, immediate score updates, fixture schedules and the latest sports news. For the fans looking to watch live matches, FanCode streams many major cricket and other sports tournaments right from your mobile phone or tablet. The app is also a major hub for fantasy sports giving players access to expert opinions, statistics, predictions to help people select the best team. So, if you are looking for an all one sports app to not only get live score updates but also stream cricket matches, FanCode is the app for you.