Buying prescription drugs online has not been possible until recently. However, with the development of modern technologiesthe possibilities are also changing. The so-called e-prescriptions. Will we go a step further and the medicines saved by doctors in e-form will be delivered to our homes by couriers?

Who should deliver medicine to your home: courier or pharmacist?

The Association “Drugs Only from Pharmacy” has already conducted the first survey of Poles’ opinions on mail order sales and delivery of medicines to homes. The majority of respondents, as much as 64%, do not have any knowledge about recipes corresponding to mail-order sales of medicines, and 66% are completely against sales in this form. The only exception is the sale and delivery to people with disabilities. With the iherb discount code ksa  you can find the best options now.

Mediated delivery of drugs to a specific group, however, requires determination: who should deliver them? Most respondents strongly indicate that this “obligation” should be assigned to a pharmacist. Only 17% would opt for courier delivery.

When it comes to security issues in this casethe opinions are divided

Doctors believe that only a “pharmacist will ensure adequate supervision over the correct delivery of medicines to the patient. By the way, the pharmacist will be able to provide important information regarding e.g. storage and use of medicines. However, nowadays the place of dispensing prescription drugs is a pharmacy and you need a pharmacist who will ensure an adequate level of pharmaceutical services. “

Drugs for home deliveryare there any chances for compromise?

Despite the recommendation of drug delivery by pharmaciststhere is another difficulty on the way to implementing the idea. Many pharmacies are run by one or two people. Will they find time for additional activitiessuch as delivering medicines to their homesamong the many daily responsibilities? With the промо код iherb you can find the best deal now.

At the moment, none of the courier companies is authorized to distribute medicines. The next very important topic is responsibility for delivery. Who is responsible, e.g. for lack of delivery for the duration of the medicine for which the patient is waiting? Who will be liable if a mistake occurs? Who will be responsible if the patient feels unwell, goes to the hospital or even loses his life? Going furtherthere are further questions: about the protection of personal data, but also verification of the recipient’s identity. There are many questions and there are no answers at the moment.

In the Country they already do it

While in our country the topic of home delivery is in its infancy, in the US it is becoming a daily practice. It works well and efficiently that subsequent pharmacy chains are introducing their sales offer to the market.

Pharmaceutical companies, seeing how much competition online sales are for them, meet them, adapting to the realities of retail sales. An example is the American pharmacy network Walgreens, which has decided to follow the competitive company CVS Health and will also sell medicines with home delivery. In India you can have the best time now. You can have the best time now.