There are many RC cars in the world, but when we are talking about a 4 x 4 no one even comes close to the Traxxas Rustler. The built and design of this car is ready for the fun and challenges that you throw at it. It is a brushless RC car that provides it extra durability. The company makes the Rustler with great quality and durability, which makes it one of the most popular RC cars around the world. After continuous usage for a long period of time, it may lose some performance. But there is no need to worry as this car also provides an option to manually upgrade the items according to the need of the user. The upgrade process is easy, you just need to know about the things that you want to upgrade.

Traxxas Rustler can be upgraded for two reasons- you want to rebuild as it was, or you want to increase the performance in any way. If you want to rebuild it, then you can choose the components that you think are wrecked and replace them with the new pairs. But if you want to upgrade the performance of your Traxxas Rustler, then there are four major things that you can do to. They are listed below:

  1. Engine: The most important part of any car is the engine. If you want to boost the performance of your car, you can change the engine to a more powerful motor. There are a variety of engines available but Velineon Brushless Motor is one of the best options for your upgrade. It will definitely increase the performance of your Traxxas Rustler. Changing the engine will also increase the lifespan of your Rustler.
  2. Tires: Tires play an important role in the speed and efficiency of an RC car. A good set of tires can easily increase the speed. Bulky tires provide a sporty look to your Rustler. Depending upon the surfaces that you want to drive your Rustler on, there is a wide variety of tires available. If you are going to drive on the streets mainly, then the Anaconda tires are great for your Traxxas Rustler. But if you are more of an off-road guy, then the Pro-Line Badlands is the best fit. They are designed for the off-roads and muds.
  3. Battery: It doesn’t matter how powerful the engine is if the battery is not good. A good battery ensures that your Rustler has enough juice to walk through any situation. Batteries lose their power as they age and due to this the performance decreases. Traxxas has specifically made a kit for those who want to extend the power and life span of there Rustler. If comes with a big new battery and extender as it won’t fit in the old chassis.
  4. Shocks: Shocks are an important part of any vehicle. They ensure the stability and absorb all the tweaks that are offered by the road. The stock shocks are quite great but after some heavy and off-road fun, they might not provide the same performance as they used to. So upgrading the shocks of your Traxxas Rustler, will definitely increase the performance.

These were the major upgrades that you can do in order to increase the performance of your Rustler. Once you have completed the upgrades, your Rustler is ready for some fun.