Kw: The rules of 8 ball pool

In the billiard-based game, an 8 ball pool is being played with a total of 15 object balls which are numbered from 1 to 15. Every player plays this game to steal all factions of the object ball and beat the other player. You can choose to play the game either with solid colour balls or striped balls. Also, you will get the chance of deciding who will play the game at the beginning and who will play it afterwards. Moreover, for winning this game on the GetMega app, you need to pocket all the balls including the 8-ball at the end of the game. If you will be able to fulfil this target, you will be declared the winner. 

In the game, you can decide to call off two shots as the bank shot and combination shot. But whatever shot you are calling, you are liable to inform other players about it. These shots are not obvious ones. There are many variations available for 8 ball pool games. And with every variation, there come different rules of 8 ball pool

Every player who comes to play this game on the GetMega gaming app just needs to know certain rules. Because all players coming to play this game have strategized about it before. Hence, it will assist you in beating your opponent easily and calmly. If you know some bar rules of this game, then it might be only valid in a particular region. That’s why we have framed some of the obvious rules of 8 ball pool game in this article. 

Position and order of the object balls 

The first rule of 8 ball pool lies in the position of the object ball. As the game begins, the ball is required to be placed in the triangular rack which needs to be positioned at the lower end of the pool table. Hence, the apex ball of the object ball rack will be lying on the foot spot. Also, there is no need to put the object balls in order. It can be put randomly apart from the 8th ball. As the black 8th ball needs to be placed as the middle ball of the third row. Behind the service line of the pool table, the black ball can be placed without any sequence. 

Person to decide the break 

During the first round or match of the 8 ball pool game, the coin needs to be tossed properly to decide who will go to choose the break. Afterwards, from the second match, the break will be taken in turn by turn. 

Legal break 

In an 8 ball pool, there are mainly legal and illegal breaks. While the person needs to make the legal break by hitting the object balls, hit cushions, and the cue ball that doesn’t get down the pocket. Although, the rules of 8 ball pool say that if the object ball is potted on the break, then the 8 ball pool player needs to ask for a re-rack. 

Object ball potting 

If the player has potted the ball at the beginning of the game, then he needs to continue potting the balls from either stripes or solids category. However, the opponent player will be entitled to be put in the next group.

These are some of the rules of 8 ball pool. If a player is aware of all these rules then surely he will beat his opponent and get the win. Through these rules, players can easily strategize their 8 ball pool game and can be able to play well. Therefore, before playing this game, it’s important to remember these rules and then you can easily earn real prizes on the GetMega gaming application.

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