There’s been a lot of talk about what constitutes a Great Site. What does the best website look like? How do you know it’s the best? Are there some tests that can help you determine if your site is one to be proud of? The answer, quite simply, is no. There are no assessments or evaluations that can tell you which sites are great and not in an objective manner. In the same way that you can’t objectively measure beauty, you can’t make an objective judgment of greatness. If a test were created to do just this, then all tremendous 먹튀체크 sites would be the same, and there’d be no reason for more than one site to exist.

Toto Gambling Verification Test

  • But why not make a test to determine if your site is one of the greats? And what could be more fun than something that involves gambling? Well, the closest thing to such a test already exists, the Toto verification process.


  • Toto is a lottery held in Japan every year. Every ticket sold has four numbers printed on it. One number represents either red or white, and the other three are out of 42. If a single ticket has all four numbers in the correct order, then that ticket is claimed as a winner. If two or more tickets have the same winning combination, then those winners split the prize as well. It means that every number is potentially a winner.
  • The Toto lottery has a long history and was begun in 1980. Initially, two drawings were held per year, one on New Year’s Day and one on the 2nd of October.

Toto lottery is a pretty good model for the way your website’s traffic works. Visitors come to your site, and some of them (a tiny percentage) make purchases or become members. Some visitors return frequently, and others never return.