Due to the widespread knowledge about cycling benefits, the number of cyclists has been steadily increasing. And so the demand for cycles has also been increased. The sale of cycles in the market shows that cycling was the preferable workout for fitness seekers. As similar to a motorbike, motorcycles are also used for routine transportation. So to satisfy the customer needs of adventure sporting and economical travelling, there are varieties of featured bicycles in the market. Here you can find the list of bicycles and their features.

Bicycles & their features


Bicycle Motor Cross is popularly known as BMX, which has a single speed. This cycle is to race around on dirt tracks. It is highly preferred for motorcycle sports where cyclists do various stunts. It has 20-inch wheels, which is specially featured for stunt tricks. Due to this feature, it is often called a Stunt Cycle. The robust, durable design and structure are added value for performing tricks and jumps. BMX consist of a single gear and 20-inch wheel with a small frame which results in low maintenance.

Fat bicycle

These types of cycles are especially for people who love to explore snow terrains and sand terrains. The wide tyres give extra grip and traction towards the surface than regular cycles. This fat bicycle allows you to roll over roots and rocks with steadiness. These bikes are also used for plains and normal surfaces, and it assures you a safe ride with plenty of traction.

Road bikes

Road bikes are identified by the drop or turned down handlebars to experience the aerodynamic position. It has skinny tyres with a lightweight frame. This multi-purpose cycle enables you to race, tour, fitness riding, long-distance riding, and daily transportation. You can ride this cycle effortlessly and with high speed, and you can also alter your positioning with this bicycle.

Mountain cycles

The special feature of this cycle is its excellent braking system and shock-absorbing feature, which can handle the mountain surface. The speed gears maintain slow speed compared to other cycles. The tyres are usually 26 inches or 29 inches wide that functions well over obstacles and in loose dirt.

Touring cycle

These are considered the traditional road riders. The sturdy firm can handle heavy loads. It can be comfortable for long-distance tours with a heavy carriage.

Folding cycles

These are good travelling companions that you can fold and carry for outdoor travels. Folding cycles have smaller wheels with 20 inches convenient to fit in a small place in a flooded state.

Fixed gear cycles

These are track cycles that are popularly known as fixies. These are preferred by racers and athletes for training. You may feel a little harder to handle these cycles compared to others. It has a single fixed gear and for turning and further halting in motion, you have to use your leg balance.

Bottom line:

You can afford any kind of cycle as per your needs. And remember that every cycle needs more maintenance and safety consciousness.