The second most popular sport around the World Is cricket after soccer. Cricket game has over 2.5 billion followers and fans. This game was invented in England and played worldwide, predominantly by Commonwealth countries. There are several forms of cricket, such as test cricket, one-day cricket, T20 cricket, indoor cricket, blind cricket, and backyard cricket.

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Whereas, at an international level, there are only three kinds of matches. They are-

Test matches- The most traditional form of cricket is the test matches. England and Australia played the first official test match at the MCG in 1877. Test matches are played in white cricket clothing with a red cricket ball. Each test match can last for 90 overs in length and can last for a maximum of five days. Both teams participating in a test match have twice, and there is no specific limit on how long batting innings will be. The scoring team will dismiss the opposite squad twice. By taking 20 wickets in a match, they will also ensure they’ve scored higher runs than the opposition.

One-day internationals (ODI’s)- The first one-day international match was played between Australia and England in 1971. It was intended to be a test match, but seeing as the first three days of the game were disturbed by bad weather. It was decided to turn the game into a one-day game instead. Hence this match between England and Australia became the first ODI World Cup. ODI or plane over a single day and both the teams that once for a maximum of 50 overs (300 balls). Once the batting innings for both teams have concluded, the team scoring higher will be the winner.

T20 internationals- These matches are the most recently added cricket matches to international cricket, along with the first women’s match being played in 2004 and the first men’s game being played in 2005. Just like the ODI T20 international, which is also played over one day in which each team is allowed to bat, the difference here is that the batting innings in the T20 international are just 20 overs or 120 balls, whereas it is 300 balls in the ODIs. At last, the team with higher scores wins the match.

Add domestic/club level, the several types of cricket matches that are played are listed below:

Four-day games- these matches of the most popular types of cricket matches that I played at the country/state level. These types of games are played by country teams such as Yorkshire or Lancashire in England, whereas in Australia, they’re played by teens such as New South Wales or Queensland, and in India, they’re played by things like Gujarat over Mumbai. These matches are similar to test games. The only exception is that they last for a maximum of four days.

Forty-over matches are more standard in a club than in professional cricket. Still, several countries have played over 40 competitions as part of their domestic schedule in the last few decades. Forty-over matches are played within a single day. The first team to bat tries to score as many runs as possible in 40 overs. Then the second team will try to chase them down by scoring higher while batting. Hence, whosoever scores high within 40 overs will win.

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