The algorithm as such of this social network saw the light in 2016. And can be compared to Miami heat in a way. At that time, Instagram only limited itself to saying that it would prioritize content according to user preferences.

Statement Of Intents?

It was a significant change, yes. There was a time without restrictions, in which each Instagram user saw the posts of the people they followed and vice versa.

How this algorithm works in the most technical sense of the word is a mystery. You imagine a computer screen, cast in black and thousands of numbers, letters, and the odd unicorn moving from top to bottom and at the speed of light.

But we can say that there are two factors that the Instagram algorithm takes into account when displaying content.

The Importance Of Your Instagram Account

The more interaction, the more visibility. An opportunity for those profiles called “influencers.”

If you want your account to stand out, you have to be popular with your audience—a quick way on how to get more likes.

Instagram Engagement

Visits to videos, likes, comments, and everything related to user interaction with your content or stories. Fall in love with your audience through content and encourage them to comment and interact with you.

How Does The Algorithm Affect Your Instagram Account?

It seems that the world has ended, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Breathe and take note.

Although the algorithm affected all Instagram accounts, it did not do so in a devastating way as Facebook.

After all, the algorithm remains the same. The exact causes govern it explained in the previous point (popularity and engagement).

Achieving a high level of interaction will positively impact visibility, increasing the chances that your content will appear before your users.

Make sure you have a reasonable rate of engagement with your audience.

Although it seems a complicated step, it is vital to know the Instagram algorithm by heart to plan a winning strategy.

Tips To Get Visibility And Beat The Algorithm

The advice you are going to read now may seem silly, but the primary weapon you have to beat the algorithm is;

Keep Your Account Active

Yes, it seems silly, but there are times that many forget.

Nobody is interested in an Instagram account that gathers dust from the little use given to it.

And, of course, vary in the way you are in front of your followers. Stories? Boomerangs?

Now it’s time to use some newer Instagram post forms.


The latest pretty girl on Instagram. So much so that on Facebook, they tried to put it in with a shoehorn and, if you happen to have a contact use it, you should delete it as a friend.

Face it, you don’t even remember what Instagram looked like before the stories, right?

Many users use stories as part of their strategy, leaving the publications as something more residual.

The advantage that it lasts 24 hours, despite being able to create prominent “sections” to retrieve them, is fresh content consumed daily.

That users interact with you through stories also scores points for engagement, you can read more here.