With parents remembering their school recess times pretty clearly, it is their kids who need to develop identical affection for the same. There is a life outside the four walls of the class and the house which today’s kids do not ideally understand. And, this is exactly why children must be exposed more to the playgrounds and the playing equipment. This idea is most often ignored, but when they are combined, they have a very big role to play in developing a child’s cognitive abilities. Let us understand them thoroughly:

Learning through play

A playground must be filled with play and hence the grounds must involve the kids in spontaneously taking up fun and engagement. Experts reveal that extensive and effective play has proven very effective in learning. They also gain immensely important skills like coordination, motor skills, cognitive abilities, social awareness, language proficiency among others. A child becomes more curious through play and they develop the quest of knowing more. Based on a child’s requirements, they must be exposed to both structured and free play.

Physical benefits

When the kids play freely, they also gain major health benefits. 60 minutes of rigorous to moderate physical activity using play equipment or free play can help reduce the causes of obesity, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Besides these, there are other physical benefits like:

  • Better physical balance and flexibility
  • Development of motor skills, dexterity, and coordination of hand and eye
  • Better control of body movement
  • Improvement of instincts and reflexes
  • Improved heart and lungs
  • Stronger muscles and immunity

Social development

The playgrounds having play equipment will draw more kids towards it. And so will their parents get drawn towards the spaces. When their kids meet other children, they importantly learn social norms and modified interactions. The kids learn to get along with people, they start cooperating and agree on rules, they learn patience and know-how about resolving conflicts. They also overcome shyness and learn to open up, start valuing friendship, and accept diversity as part of their lives. They also develop certain subtle yet positive emotional changes and their stress levels are reduced. These can be initiated better through age-specific play equipment that helps the bonding of particular ages together.

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